January 5th, 2019

Hello, fiddle families!

I apologize for not keeping things up to date these past couple of months. My current pregnancy has left me feeling pretty crummy lately, but as I get through my second trimester, I am starting to feel much better! (Hooray!) 

Current student families should check their email for the Spring Semester Registration link. Soon, I will be posting the link here to the site, but I'd like to make sure all of my current students get a spot before adding new families. I will have plenty of space in the Twinkle Tots group classes for ages 3-5!  

Our spring semester orientation is on January 14th with Twinkle Tots & Stars starting at 4:30, and Graduates starting at 5:00. We will do some Music Mind Games and some of our regular repertoire, but I will also set aside plenty of time to go over all the studio information for new families and answer any questions that any parents might have.

Any student who plays Boil Em Cabbage Down is invited to perform with us at the Anchorage Folk Festival at 1:30pm on Saturday, January 26th. We will be going over the repertoire for this performance at the end of the January 14th orientation, as well as the next Monday after the Twinkle Tots class. We will also do a run-through of our set at the festival at noon backstage. (I know a few of you live out of town and won't be able to make it to the Monday practices.)

I think that is all I have to report for now. I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year! Happy fiddling! 


Amanda Kerr

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