June 24th, 2022

Hello, violin families!

      As we dive into the business of mid-summer, I want to check in with all of you to inform you of some updates, reminders, and a bit of news for the fall. Before I go over all the tedious stuff, I would love to just share with you all how happy I am to see (and hear) all the creative and interesting ways you are bringing music into your lives this summer. While many of you have taken time off from lessons, I am so happy to hear that during that time you are going to shows, camps, institutes, and even working with other teachers while traveling! What an inspiring way to model how we can keep the music and beauty in our lives even when things get busy ;-) 

      As you may have noticed, summer lessons have been a bit of a “first-come-first-serve” and “pay-as-you-go” type of situation. (Unlike the Spring and Fall semesters.) This often makes summer group classes a bit of a challenge to make happen, but I have been happily surprised with the attendance in the classes thus far. After checking in with everyone last month, I decided to go ahead and pay for the social room at AUUF and do the “Hybrid” (in-person AND online at the same time) classes on the second Monday of each month this summer. I will also be doing a second class each month that is all online. Please take note of the new dates on this month’s calendar, since this is different from the original summer schedule for a few of the violin levels.

      I know this is still a bit early, but I also want to put the bug into everyone’s ear about registering for the 2022 Fall Semester. All returning violin families MUST fill out a registration form by August 1st or risk not having a lesson time once the semester starts on August 20th. I have some new schedule restrictions next fall (I’ll share the news in the next paragraph), but should have time to fit all my returning families in next fall, as long as they can give me a few times to work with on the registration form ;-) 

      Okay, so here’s where I get to share my exciting news. After a bunch of planning and consideration, I decided to apply for the Orchestra Teacher position at the Anchorage Waldorf, and was accepted to start teaching this fall! As some of you know, I have some experience at Anchorage Waldorf from about a decade ago when I co-taught Strings at what used to be called Aurora Waldorf with Mary Schallert. On top of the convenience of this job allowing me to keep my private studio going with all of you (plus having a place for my kids to start Kindergarten that is close to home) I am incredibly excited to have the freedom to create my own curriculum where I can use what I’ve learned already as a teacher, plus grow to learn new things as a teacher from the big batch of children I will be getting to work with. 

      One thing that tends to always be true in my studio is that each semester evolves a bit from the previous ones. In addition to assessing some of the new things we tried out in the spring,my new position at Anchorage Waldorf will likely make it necessary to change some of the rhythm we had for group classes and recitals. Please look over the Semester at a Glance carefully and try to give me lots of advanced notice if there is a scheduling issue for group classes or recitals. 

      As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. While I’m looking forward to the changes coming in the fall, I’m also loving working with my summer crew of students and having the time to explore what kind of projects they like to take on in their practice. I’ll be sure to update everyone soon with some more information. Until then, happy summer! 

Amanda Kerr


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