November 28th, 2022

Happy winter to my wonderful violin studio families!

     Our last month of this semester’s lessons and classes are approaching, and there are plenty of reminders, updates, and information to share with everyone. Please look over this month’s schedule carefully and make sure to let me know ASAP if there is anything you are not able to attend. (These next few group classes are extra important as we rehearse for the upcoming recitals!) I have also posted the schedule information for the January Lesson Block and the Spring Semester. Mark these all down now, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

     This Saturday, December 3rd, is our last in-person (hybrid) group class of the year. I am paying the wonderful Janna Preston to come rehearse with us (something I have not been able to do since pre-2020.) If you are able to come in person, that would be ideal, but I will also have Zoom going and recording the class as always. Please note there will not be a rehearsal for the Advanced Solo Recital for students in book 2 or higher. Most of you made video recordings of your pieces for last month’s Master Class, which I will be sharing with her.  Our big group recital will be on December 10th at 1:30, and the Advanced Solo Recital will be on December 17th at 1:30.

     One new and exciting development in my teaching journey is that I have just completed training to assistant-teach Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes (also known as "Baby Suzuki Class.") These non-instrument-specific classes are for families of children ages 0-3 and is an incredibly fun way to help prepare younger children and their parents for the rhythm and routines of starting music lessons. Starting January 12th, I will be co-teaching this class with the wonderful Karyn Grove-Bruce on Thursday mornings. Please let me know if you are interested in joining the classes, and I will be happy to set you up! :-)

     Spots are filling up for the January Lesson Block, so if you would like to get some extra lessons before the Spring Semester (which will start January 28th) please let me know ASAP. You can also reserve an “available lesson time” from the Portal calendar. Please note that signing up for the January Block does not guarantee your placement for the Spring Semester. All new AND returning families will be required to fill out registration by January 21st by going to 

     On Sunday, January 29th, our studio scored a spot to perform on the main stage at the Anchorage Folk Festival. This is a free event that happens the last two weekends of January. This performance is not a requirement, but it is a really great experience that I encourage everyone to consider. I will need to know who is planning to perform by December 31st so I can send the festival our stage plot, microphone needs, etc. (I may try to plan for us to have studio T shirts again as well.) 

     Finally, I just have a few reminders about how to care for instruments in the extremely cold and dry conditions we are experiencing in Alaska right now. While instrument case humidifiers are nice, the best thing you can be doing is running one in your home. In these temperatures, you should never leave your instrument in a cold car (even just while you go to the store,) and if you do accidentally leave your instrument in the cold for an extended period, bring it inside and keep the case shut for 24 hours to let it acclimate slowly. It is that drastic change in temperature and humidity that can cause cracks and damage to your instrument. 

     I think this is all for now, although I am sure I will think of more updates soon. I am so excited for our upcoming recitals and performances and the opportunity to share all the hard work you have all put into this semester. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, everyone! 

Amanda Kerr


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