April 22nd, 2023

   Our spring semester has been blazing along as has everyone's progress. I can't wait to see (and hear) everyone's hard work in our upcoming recitals next week. We have a few more weeks of lessons after recitals for the spring semester, then we're on to  a summer filled with lots of camps, festivals, institutes, and opportunities to take private or group lessons from myself. My summer routine will be a bit different from the past few summers, so please be sure to read through everything below, and try to make sure the summer doesn't go by without a plan to keep up with practice and lessons. 

    This semester we have four recitals over the course of two dates. On Monday, May 1st we will be starting off at 4:30 with our Pre-Twinkle Recital, then at 5:00 we will start right into the Graduation Recital for students graduating Twinkle, Book 1, Book 2, and Book 5. On Saturday, May 6th we will be starting off at 1:30 with the Advanced Solo Recital featuring students in Books 2 or higher. Then at 2:00, we will have our Book 1 level students join us for group fiddle tunes and Suzuki pieces. The lovely Janna Preston will be coming to our group class on April 29th to rehearse with us in-person, so please plan to attend that group class. 

     In our last month of lessons for the spring semester, I will be asking all of my current lesson families to fill out a “summer intentions” form to make sure everyone has a plan to maintain their progress, practice routine, and motivation to play over the summer. After being hired to teach at many of the local music camps this summer, I will only be available to teach private lessons for one week per month over the summer. I haven't nailed down the logistics yet for group classes, but it looks like most of my Mondays will be available for group classes over the summer. My hopes are that most of you will sign up for at least one intensive week, come to as many group classes as you can, plus sign up for a music camp where your child will have the opportunity to work with other teachers, make new friends, and thus boost their inspiration to keep playing music. ;-)  

    I have a few instruments for sale or to rent-to-own to studio families, as well as a list of families looking to sell their outgrown instruments. (It's so nice to see these lovely violins stay within the studio!) I do have a few used instruments set aside for scholarship families, but are always looking for more donations for those families in need.

     I think this is all for now, although I am sure I will think of more updates soon. I am so excited for our upcoming recitals and performances and the opportunity to share all the hard work you have all put into this semester. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, everyone! 

Ms. Amanda 

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