December online Lesson Block (Nov. 30 - Dec. 18)

The December Online Lesson Block includes three weeks of online group classes (held on Monday afternoons), and three weekly private lessons from November 30th through December 18th. The total cost of the December Online Lesson Block is $195.

October 29th, 2020

Happy Fall, everyone!

     After looking forward to starting up 5-day-per-week daycare last week, a few bugs made their way through our family (no Covid, thankfully!) which has put those plans on hold. I was the last one to catch the cold bug in my family, while everyone else in my family has recovered. I had intended to get a few more in-person lessons with a few of my beginning families, but with my current state still not being 100%, and with our community’s Covid numbers looking the way they are, I am going to go ahead and officially announce the remainder of this semester will need to be all online. (This is what most of you are doing anyways, so this really won't be much of a change…)

     On a lighter note, we have some fun Zoom events coming up these last few weeks of this shorter semester. The links for these should all be showing up on your email and text reminders through the MyMusicStaff portal, but please make note of the dates and times now, so they don’t sneak up on you and so you don’t miss out! :

  • Saturday, October 31st: SPOOKY SUZUKI PLAY-ALONG

    (Noon for all Twinkle Graduates & Advanced Groups!)

  • Monday, November 2nd: Technique/Games Group Class

    (4:00 for Pre-Twinkles, 4:30 for Book 1 Students, and 5:00 for Books 2 and higher)

  • Monday, November 9th: BUNNY BALLAD PARTY

    (4:00 for Pre-Twinkles)

  • Saturday, November14th: Saturday Play-Along/Rehearsal for Recital

    (11:30 for Pre-Twinkles, Noon for Book 1 Students, and 12:30 for Books 2 and higher)

  • Monday, November 16th: Master-Class

    (4:00 for Pre-Twinkles, 4:30 for Book 1 Students, and 5:00 for Books 2 and higher)

  • Saturday, November 21st: FALL RECITAL

    (Noon for ALL Students!)


     I have sent out our Online Winter Recital “set list” which will include one play-along piece, an optional video project that will be “screen shared” (These pieces will need to be pre-recorded at home along with a backing track that I send to you, and sent to me no later than November 14.) Then we will have a bunch of solo-stuff for advanced students and students who are graduating Twinkles or their last Suzuki Book. This will be different than any other recital I’ve ever done, so please look this over and let me know if you have any questions!

     Finally, I wanted to give everyone a little information about the Winter Block of lessons I will be doing from November 30th through December 18th. In reality, this block of lessons will pretty much be the same as what we are doing now, only we will have weekly Monday group classes (no Saturdays) and the scheduling will be first-come-first serve. I will post the available times for this block of lessons on the MyMusicStaff calendar where families can either click on the time that they would like, or if you would just like to email me and let me know directly, I can go in and reserve the spot for you myself.

     This is all the information I have for now. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns! Everyone is progressing so well these days, so please keep up the good work, and happy fiddling! :-)


- Amanda


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Studio Repertoire Play-Along (on Zoom)


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December Online Lesson Block

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