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Fall Semester will include lessons through December 23rd.



Spring Semester will include 15 weeks of lessons from January 14th through May 21st

(Please read my most current STUDIO POLICIES and look over the SCHEDULE before registering)

(Group classes for students ages 3-5 preparing to start private violin lessons)

(For Pre-Twinkle students ages 5 & up who are ready to start private violin lessons and group classes with their "real violin.")

(For students who already "know how to Twinkle.")

(Includes monthly master-classes. Skype lessons are encouraged, but not required if taking lessons with another Suzuki teacher.)

(Includes weekly private lessons. Group classes, jams, and master classes are encouraged, but not required for adult students.)



Monthly Newsletter

November 19th, 2016

     I hope everyone is enjoying the start to all of the winter holidays. It was almost exactly one year ago that Dan and I were up here “just to visit” for the holidays, but ended up deciding to just stay put. We are really happy that we did! I am really excited to put the teaching experience I gained on the east coast to work here in Anchorage for our upcoming recital. Teacher Training has always been great for keeping me up-to-date on Suzuki Method teaching tips and tricks, but being able to co-teach and have the opportunity to observe so many wonderful teachers in the D.C. area was probably the biggest influence on how I run my studio now. I'm glad I can pass on what I've learned here in my home town, and keep everything running effeciently for students, parents, and myself.

     In addition to our last group class (December 3rd) and the recital on December 17th, we have just a few more events on the calendar for this semester. Monthly jam sessions and master-classes are not mandatory, but are a really fun way to get some extra group practice in before our recital. (Especially if you missed a lesson or a group class this semester…)

     We will also do one more master-class for Seward students, and one more master-class for advanced Anchorage students just before the recital. If you haven't done a master-class yet, it's really great for cleaning up any technique things you are focusing on. Students learn a lot from watching their peers practice, and again, it's a wonderful way to get caught up if you've missed a lesson or two this semester…

     December 17th will be our first Winter Recital since I've moved back to Anchorage. Students should plan on arriving by 10:30 so we can get everyone in tune and ready to start the recital by 11:00am. If you were a student with me when I lived in Anchorage before, you will notice a few changes from how I used to do my recitals. We will have a bit more Suzuki Repertoire, and with many students accomplishing either their Twinkles, or whichever book they are on, we will do a few “Graduations” throughout the recital. The other exciting feature to our recital is the piano accompanist that I have hired to play with us on all of our Suzuki and fiddle material :D You may have noticed at the beginning of the semester that you were charged a “recital fee” as a part of your tuition. This helped me cover the cost of using the upstairs Sanctuary at the Unitarian church, and hiring the piano accompanist for the recital (and to come practice with us at group class on December 3rd).

     I am still working on nailing down dates for group classes in the spring, but have posted a rough-draft schedule for the Spring Semester on my Schedule page. With more and more demand for younger students starting up, I've decided to make a few changes for next semester. Online registration (and my studio policies for 2017) will be split into different groups: “Twinkle Tots” (in the spring, this group will only be for kids under 5 who DON'T play on a “real” violin yet...these students will only do group classes and won't need to come to a weekly private lesson.) “Twinkle Stars” (for “older” beginners who have not learned Twinkle yet), and “Twinkle Graduates.” In addition to these three levels, I will have separate registration for adult students and the students who live in Seward who would like to do monthly master classes and/or Skype lessons. This should be up and running sometime in the next week or two. I would like to have everyone's registration in by January 7th so I can put a lesson schedule together by our first week of lessons (January 16th).

     As always, please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I will try to keep the schedule page of my website up-to-date throughout the month. Happy fiddling!


Upcoming Events


Seward Master Class??

Location TBA, Seward, AK

Each student will spend 5-10 minutes on their most polished piece with either myself or a guest teacher. Students learn from watching other students.


Monthly Jam for Kids

 —  —

Location TBA

Families are encouraged to take turns hosting jams! There will be a sign-up sheet in my studio, or you can send me an email if you'd like to host :)


Monthly Master Class (advanced students only)

 —  —

Amanda Kerr Music

Each student will spend 5-10 minutes on their most polished piece with either myself or a guest teacher. Students learn from watching other students.


End of Fall Semester!