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Monthly Newsletter

September 26th, 2016


     Hi everyone! Our first month of the semester seems to be going very well. I want to make sure I thank all the parents who work so hard to get their kids to all of their lessons, group classes, and everything else that's been happening. I am not a parent, but I know it can be a challenge trying to get to everything I put on the calendar. Private lessons and group classes should be the priority in everyone's schedule, but I always like to include lots of fun extra things (jams, shows, dances… etc.) to make sure kids have a chance to play or hear music just for fun. :)


     This week I will be trying something I have never tried before. This Friday at 6pm, all advanced students (and a few intermediate students) are invited to a Master-Class here at the house. At each monthly Master-Class, students will have a mini private lesson in front of the group. I encourage students to pick a piece they already have memorized so we can focus on technique rather than learning the song. Since this is something quite new, I did not include Master-Classes in anyone's tuition. The cost is $15 due on the date of each Master-Class.


     Seward students of ALL levels also get to participate in a monthly Master-Class. Our first one will be this Saturday, October 1st at 2pm and will be held at the home of Sean & Kristin Fry. Dan will be coming along with me and will be bringing a few items from Petr's Violin Shop for purchase. (He will also be available afterwards to change out anyones strings or humidifier packs.) Please let us know by Friday if you would like us to bring you anything else from Petr's so we can make sure it is in stock and calculate the cost. Seward Master-Classes will cost $25 which will be due on the date of each Master-Class.


     Our first two group classes have gone very well so far. Last week, we were very happy to have Matti's mom, Lauralee as our piano accompanist for the first two groups. These past two groups, I posted signs up directing families to the downstairs room at the Unitarian Fellowship where we have been having our class. Now that most of you have been to a group class, I probably won't post signs anymore. If you would like a map of the building before our next group class on October 8th, just let me know and I can print one out or email it to you.


     Last week, I filled out a performance application for a group of us to play at Trick-Or-Treat Town on October 22nd. The form just came back, and we will be performing at 6pm (with a check-in at 5:30). I would like everyone who knows Boil Em Cabbage Down to mark that date down. All performers under the age of 18 will need to fill out a consent form this week. This will be sent out in an email as well as being left out at my house during lessons. We will have a group class the same day, which will be much like a dress rehearsal. Students are encouraged to dress up in their Holloween costumes if they'd like :)


     Finally, I would like to thank everyone who came to our first monthly jam for kids yesterday. My parents hosted, and although there were only a couple of fiddlers, it was great having one of my dad's guitar students join in and having him and my husband, Dan playing along too! Parents and siblings who play instruments are always welcome to play along in the jams. Our next jam will be on October 23rd at 4pm at Tara & Rick Petter's home.


     As always, please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I will try to keep the schedule page of my website up-to-date throughout the month. Happy fiddling!


Amanda Kerr

Upcoming Events


Monthly Master Class (advanced students only)

 —  —

Amanda Kerr Music

Each student will spend 5-10 minutes on their most polished piece with either myself or a guest teacher. Students learn from watching other students.


Seward Master Class

Location TBA, Seward, AK

Each student will spend 5-10 minutes on their most polished piece with either myself or a guest teacher. Students learn from watching other students.


High Lonesome Sound plays for Dancing Bears

Wendler Middle School

$12 at the door $10 for Dancing Bears Members $5 for first-time new-comer $5 for youth 12-17 FREE for kids under 12! (accompanied by a parent) :D


Monthly Jam for Kids

 —  —

Location TBA

Families are encouraged to take turns hosting jams! There will be a sign-up sheet in my studio, or you can send me an email if you'd like to host :)