Space Still Available for Fall Semester!

Fall Semester will include 15 weeks of private lessons and 6 group classes from September 3rd through December 23rd.

(Please read my most current STUDIO POLICIES and look over the SCHEDULE before registering)


Monthly Newsletter

August 31st, 2016

     I've been a busy bee this week getting ready to start up lessons! I am so excited for all the new things happening this semester. To get a full list of everything, make sure you go to my Schedule page. Also, please be sure to check out some of the new music on the Learning Tools page. I've been posting new songs every few days, and hope to cover them all in the Saturday group classes this fall and perform many of them in the Winter Recital on December 17th!

   On September 3rd, I will be hosting a Fall semester kick-off party/orientation here at the house. I was originally going to have everyone arrive at 5pm, but with so many new students joining my studio this semester, I'm not sure I can host everyone here at once :-/ So, now I would like to plan on having "Twinkle Tots" (ages 5 and under) arrive at 4:00, "Twinkle Stars" (beginners ages 6 and up) arrive at 4:30, and "Twinkle Graduates" (that's everyone else) arrive at 5:00. All students except for "Twinkle Tots" should bring their violins for a short play-down. This will be your opportunity to meet with the other families in my studio and ask any questions about the fall semester. Healthy snacks will be provided!

     If you haven't already, this is a great time to get your violins looked over by your luthier of choice. Owning or renting a violin (much like owning or renting a car) requires continuous maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. Bow hair and strings go bad (and sound bad) over time, so if you've had the same violin for a couple of years, it is likely time to get both of those things replaced. Did your child go through a dramatic growth spurt over the summer? It may be time to trade-in your violin for a bigger size! If you think this might be the case, let's talk about it at your first lesson, and I can help you determine the correct size. Just like you may want your teenage driver to be driving a well set-up and maintained vehicle, I want my violin students to be playing on well set-up and maintained violins ;)

     There are still a couple of open spots that new students can
register for this semester. The schedule for current students has already been put together and mailed out to everyone, so if you registered on time, please keep an eye out for this important information. Families who pay for the semester by the date of their first lesson will get two free private lessons and two free group classes :) 

   This fall, group classes will be held downstairs in room 3 at the Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Group classes are held two Saturdays per month from 11am until 1pm (arrival times may vary depending on age/level). Please note that group classes are mandatory and are included into your tuition (with the exception of Seward students and Adult students). For more information about why group classes are equally as important as individual lessons, please read page 5 of your Suzuki Violin Book 1 :)

     It looks like a monthly trip to Seward, AK is a go this semester for students who live in Seward and either Skype with me or take Suzuki lessons with another teacher. The Seward master class dates are a bit flexible. I have families who have offered to host the first few master-classes in October and November. I will be sending more information out to my Seward families soon about how the master classes will work and what to expect. Seward students are also always invited (but certainly not required) to attend any of the Anchorage group classes, master classes, jam sessions, or recitals if you happen to be in town!

    Lessons are starting on September 5th. This is labor day, so if there are any conflicts with that day, please let me know ASAP so we can make arrangements around that. Everyone should try to plan on fitting in 15 private lessons, the 6 group classes, and the recital on December 17th this semester.

     Please don't hesitate to call, text, or email me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you might have. There are lots of new things happening this semester, and lots of new faces, so there will likely be many changes in the future. With that said, please enjoy the rest of the summer! I look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks :D

Amanda Kerr

Upcoming Events


Monthly Jam for Kids

 —  —

Location TBA

Families are encouraged to take turns hosting jams! There will be a sign-up sheet in my studio, or you can send me an email if you'd like to host :)


Monthly Master Class (advanced students only)

 —  —

Amanda Kerr Music

Each student will spend 5-10 minutes on their most polished piece with either myself or a guest teacher. Students learn from watching other students.


Seward Master Class??

Location TBA, Seward, AK

Each student will spend 5-10 minutes on their most polished piece with either myself or a guest teacher. Students learn from watching other students.