Monthly Newsletter

November 16th, 2015

     It has been so fun and inspiring to spend the fall traveling with Dan. After exploring around North Carolina, we have made our way to Nashville. The last few weeks we have gotten to connect with a lot of wonderful musicians and friends who either live here or are just passing through. Our mobile home will stay parked here in Nashville as Dan and I head back up to Alaska for the next couple of months. In addition to enjoying time with my family, I'm looking forward to seeing my students that live up north.

     The week after Thanksgiving, I will be doing a week of lessons at my parents' house in Anchorage. Lessons will be scheduled between 3:30-7:30 November 30th through December 3rd. I already have some kids signed up, so please let me know ASAP if you would like to sign up, so I can get you onto the schedule. I also have a few days free for lessons during winter break (December 21 - 31) for those of you who are around. I am still working out my plans for January. At some point Dan & I will head down to Seward for some workshops, and we will definitely be around for the Anchorage Folk Festival. 

     As of now, the plan is to move the mobile home to Colorado sometime in the spring with the hopes that we might be able to bring it up to Alaska next fall. There are a lot of ideas to explore until then. I will definitely continue doing online lessons and workshops along the way.

Upcoming Events


Anchorage Winter Intensive

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Anchorage, AK



Anchorage Intensive

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Amanda Kerr Music, Anchorage, AK



Seward Winter Music Workshops

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